“Selina is a gifted and powerful healer with a rare ability to bridge ancient knowledge and traditional medicines within a modern world so in need of healing. She services with integrity, wisdom and grace with work that heals, inspires and transforms. Selina’s work, whether 1:1 healing, mentoring or sacred gatherings, enabling others to remember and access their true inner purpose and power to heal and serve in an expanded way. Her healing work is sacred, courageous and so v ery much needed at this time.”
– Erika Caspersen, Intutive Wellness Coach, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Erika Carpenson

Intuitive Wellness Coach, Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Mentorship Program

My time with Grandmother Selina under her mentorship program was a life-changing experience. Her powerful abilities to heal and guide through meditation has brought me to a new level in my…

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Personal Healing

My first private session with Selina was absolutely mind-blowing. I had a number of different energy works when I lived in UK but I had never had the multi-dimensional experience and the depth…

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Vision Quest

Selina gifted me with many ways to help myself. She gave me tools to help me with daily life. The biggest impact the Vision Quest had on me was the experience of complete oneness, an undeniable…

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Sacred Circle

It was an honour to be a part of your sacred circle in Wilmot. What I love about you is that when I am receiving your information, I trust it. There is something very natural and real about you that is easy …

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House Clearing

I want to thank you for all you have done for my family. It was different the night of the house clearing in our family. There were changes, some that were not able to be explained, but good. I had…

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  1. I have been truly blessed by Divine Creator who has sent Dear Grandmother Selina into my life for healing and so much more. Selina is blessed with sacred gifts which I cannot mention but truly is the origins of what Disney calls the Fairy godmother. Thank you for leading me back home and for the humility compassion and love you show the Great Divine Mother Mu children your work and purpose here is far greater than words . Peace love and blessing xx Nissy

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