Moon Lodge Ceremony is always such a powerful blessing for me. 

This Lodge would be very significant however. 

She came at the time of the New Moon for Spring…….
Flowering Moon it is often called. 

As I entered into the Moon Lodge to greet the 

Ancestral Grandmothers and Clan Mothers for Moon Lodge Ceremony,

There stood before me inside the Lodge a Great Tree.  

I asked the Grandmothers who this Tree is and they told me 

The Tree of Life. She is The Mother Tree. 

I was then instructed to go to her to be aligned which was such a beautiful experience. Now we are One. 

Join us on this Journey. 

Enter Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge and receive the powerful healing energies that 

the Great Tree of Life brings. 

You will be powerfully uplifted and aligned.


The Mother Tree
Great Tree of Life
 The Great Tree of Life ~ She is the Mother Tree ~ We are Blessed