Dear Grandmother Selina-

My time with Grandmother Selina under her mentorship program was a life-changing experience. Her powerful abilities to heal and guide through meditation has brought me to a new level in my spirituality. During my first session, Grandmother Selina was able to help me connect to Mother Earth, who, we came to discover, was also one of my spirit guides. It is hard to describe this experience with words, but it felt as if I had been reunited with a long lost loved one, and it was so powerful that I was moved to not only tears, but full-hearted sobs. Grandmother Selina also taught me how to call upon White Eagle Feather for protection and how to connect to Source. Both of these tools have helped me immensely on my spiritual journey, and I many times find myself in gratitude to her for what she has shown me. Through my time with Grandmother Selina, I have also developed a new reverence for the Earth around me. I feel the spirit of the birds, the trees, the moon and the sun, and I can now call on all my divine spirit guides and feel guided and safe. Grandmother Selina is a blessing to this Earth, and I feel as if I’ve only just touched upon the many gifts she has to offer. Thank you, Grandmother Selina!
Much love,
Kim Charlesworth

“Little Grandmother Selina is truly a blessing to us all. Her unwavering commitment to truth and helping us to find the divine, within ourselves and around us is remarkable. Her teachings and knowledge have helped me to remember the greatness that lies within me (and that lies within us all). I firmly believe she is one of the most powerful Healers of our time, and is bringing much needed light and love to the Earth and all who inhabit it. Meeting Selina has been life changing, and I am forever grateful for the connection we have made. I was blessed to come across her website over a year ago, during a time of searching and questioning. I found myself opening up to the world in a new way, but didn’t have anyone I could really talk to about it. I had many questions, and a longing to understand myself; and ultimately how I fit into the Universe that we are all a part of. Selina quickly became the invaluable mentor I was seeking, but most importantly, helped me to realize that the truth I was seeking was inside of me all along.

I think at some point in our lives, the little voice within us becomes louder, and beckons us to see that there is so much more to life than we realize. This voice knows that we are capable of greatness, and sees our limitless potential. It is up to us, however, to listen and to step outside of our comfort zones and into a place of unconditional love. The time of being motivated by fear is ending, and to all who are looking for support in making such a transition, Little Grandmother Selina is of instrumental help. Whether it is a house clearing, a personal healing session, or through mentorship, her purity of heart and intention is powerful, yet gentle, in helping one to experience life in all of its brilliance.”
– Taylor deJong, Earth Helper

“Selina’s Mentorship Program has taught me how to open up my heart and remember who I am as a sacred being. It has helped me to connect with my Spirit Guides so that I can be led on my true sacred path and discover my inner purpose. Her teachings have helped me feel a strong sense of connectedness and oneness with other women and All That Is. Through this healing journey, I have discovered my own gifts that I bring as an Earth Helper.

I have been empowered through my spiritual growth as a woman through these teachings and guidance. I feel spiritually awakened as I shine my light brightly upon the Earth as an Earth Walker. Aho!”
– Adele Boudreau, Reg. Acupunturist (TCM)

“Dear Selina,
Thank you for your mentorship program. In this age when many people are out of touch with nature and the wisdom traditions that are our shared birthright, it is refreshing to benefit from your expertise and insight. Your deep appreciation of nature, spiritual traditions and the individual, as well as your training and kindness, make you a valuable resource. I look forward to more sessions in future.”

– David


Much gratitude and Thanks Grandmother Selina for the blessings I have received during my personal session with you in Georgia. You assisted me in opening my heart to all the positive gifts that I possess and want to share with others. My personal time with you helped bring forth and communicate with my ancestors, connect with my angels and feel the strength of m power spirit animals. The overwhelming peace and tranquility that has blanketed me since meeting you is priceless. Mostly I stand in gratitude and appreciation, as I feel I have met my Spiritual Mentor. I feel self-empowered because of your gentle influence. I truly feel inspired by you and feel the Divine Connections to Spirit, the Earth, and all of the Spirit Guides. My Life Path has been further illuminated by meeting you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as you have guided me and my life to re-awaken the strong spiritual side.

Mary Ellen Scaturro
White Hawk Crown Feather Grief Counselor
Alpharetta, Georgia November 2013