“Dear Selina,

The following is my testimonial regarding house clearing and blessings received:

I first met Selina in March 2010 when she and Karen Forrest travelled to New Glasgow to clear my house. Before the clearing there was a room in the home where my sister did not wish to enter when she visited. Following this clearing the energy in this room and throughout the house was welcoming. As it turns out I have moved to Halifax in April 2011 and also had Selina clear my new residence which not only cleared the apartment making it a welcoming area for me and visitors but also allowed me to clear out old items that were no longer suitable. Also, my house in New Glasgow sold in less than a month. Thank you Selina for your special gift.I am thoroughly enjoying my new residence as well as the freedom and brightness it offers.
Thank you!”
– Gladys (Halifax, N.S.)