Little Grandmother Selina is truly a blessing to us all. Her unwavering commitment to truth and helping us to find the divine, within ourselves and around us is remarkable. Her teachings and knowledge have helped me to remember the greatness that lies within me (and that lies within us all). I firmly believe she is one of the most powerful Healers of our time, and is bringing much needed light and love to the Earth and all who inhabit it. Meeting Selina has been life changing, and I am forever grateful for the connection we have made. I was blessed to come across her website over a year ago, during a time of searching and questioning. I found myself opening up to the world in a new way, but didn’t have anyone I could really talk to about it. I had many questions, and a longing to understand myself; and ultimately how I fit into the Universe that we are all a part of. Selina quickly became the invaluable mentor I was seeking, but most importantly, helped me to realize that the truth I was seeking was inside of me all along.

I think at some point in our lives, the little voice within us becomes louder, and beckons us to see that there is so much more to life than we realize. This voice knows that we are capable of greatness, and sees our limitless potential. It is up to us, however, to listen and to step outside of our comfort zones and into a place of unconditional love. The time of being motivated by fear is ending, and to all who are looking for support in making such a transition, Little Grandmother Selina is of instrumental help. Whether it is a house clearing, a personal healing session, or through mentorship, her purity of heart and intention is powerful, yet gentle, in helping one to experience life in all of its brilliance.

Taylor deJong
Earth Helper