Much gratitude and Thanks Grandmother Selina for the blessings I have received during my personal session with you in Georgia. You assisted me in opening my heart to all the positive gifts that I possess and want to share with others. My personal time with you helped bring forth and communicate with my ancestors, connect with my angels and feel the strength of m power spirit animals. The overwhelming peace and tranquility that has blanketed me since meeting you is priceless. Mostly I stand in gratitude and appreciation, as I feel I have met my Spiritual Mentor. I feel self-empowered because of your gentle influence. I truly feel inspired by you and feel the Divine Connections to Spirit, the Earth, and all of the Spirit Guides. My Life Path has been further illuminated by meeting you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as you have guided me and my life to re-awaken the strong spiritual side.

Mary Ellen Scaturro
White Hawk Crown Feather Grief Counselor
Alpharetta, Georgia November 2013