“In this time, it is so important for healers to take care of ourselves, as there is much work to be done with the earth and with each other. Little Grandmother Selina’s work “Heal the Healers” is deeply profound, powerful, spiritual, healing, nurturing and cleansing on all levels. I find myself better able to stand in my truth, my power after each session, better able to walk my path as a healer from a more energetically and spiritually clear and whole place. I am more clearly able to connect with my own Divine Presence, my Guides and to understand and strengthen my own gifts, so I can share them with others in a good and healthy way.I love that Little Grandmother Selina and Guides know when to be gentle and nurturing with me, and when to speak “tough” love when I’ve strayed from my path, or got too caught up in every day life, reminding me that while they are the helpers, ultimately it is up to me to do my work.

Little Grandmother Selina’s work is deeply powerful and transformational. I whole heartedly recommend healers come and receive the blessings and teachings of her sessions.”
– Donna Garrison , Massage Therapist, Nova Scotia