Grandmother Selina: Everyone felt the Healing of your message.
Soft and warming to the Heart!!!!
It was a beautiful way to begin the concert.
Thank You!

“Hi Selina,
Thank you once again for participating today; you brought a lovely and powerful energy to the fair.
– Steve Clayton, Clay Hut Healing Centre
Riverview, New Brunswick

“Selina is a gifted and powerful healer with a rare ability to bridge ancient knowledge and traditional medicines within a modern world so in need of healing. She services with integrity, wisdom and grace with work that heals, inspires and transforms. Selina’s work, whether 1:1 healing, mentoring or sacred gatherings, enabling others to remember and access their true inner purpose and power to heal and serve in an expanded way. Her healing work is sacred, courageous and so very much needed at this time.”
– February 23, 2012