Kwe ~ Greetings ~ Boozhoo ~Aloha
Welcome to My Inner Landscape Everyone.
I come with Sacred Offerings of Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge.
It is time now to open my Basket and my Heart to share what is being offered for this time.
Spring has come and now it is time to reveal the Visions we have held
within over the many months of Winter.
They Spring forth from our Hearts with what Good Medicine has come….
Like many of you perhaps….my Inner Landscape of Co-Creating with
Sacred Spirit over winter has been abundant.
There is much to share.

Time has becoming increasingly precious it would seem as the Quickening is happening whether we may feel ready or not!
I sense a need to not delay with the Messages of Spirit any longer.
MU has waited……and now the time has come.

As I settled into Winter’s wrapping and loving embrace, Mother Earth (MU) appeared in the New Moon Ceremony for January. She brought a wonderful teaching about her 4 Seasons and their spiritual significance that I will share in another Writing.
She showed that she had entered Hibernation and would not be revealing herself to me again until Spring.
And true to what was spoken, Earth Mother returned last New Moon and the Teachings have begun once again.

This blog will be a platform for the Wisdom Teachings and Sharings I have been given to bring to Earth at this time as Messages from Divine Spirit and Creation.
It will be a Cosmic experience with Stories, and Wisdom Teachings, from
Self, Earth, the Nature Intelligences, Ancient Ones, Ancestors,
The Dreamtime, Cosmic Intelligences, Star People……whew!
The Cosmic Experience to be sure!

I invite you all to share with me with open Heart.
May all be blessed.
With Gratitude to MU
Grandmother Selina
From The Eastern Door