Sacred Circles

Beloved One,
Thank you so much for yesterday’s beautiful sacred circle. What a refreshing life-affirming time we spent together with your sensitive, heart-opening and connected teaching.
I bow to you with great respect and gratitude. May we meet again soon and may you be blessed thousandfold.

House Clearing

“We have used Selina’s services several times over the last few years, each time we do its like “cleaning house”. Selina is able to put things in order regarding our staff, our business and our clients, so that each time we have a clearing done even our clients will comment on the “good feeling” they get when they enter our business. Business even increases after a clearing!”

House Clearing

“I want to thank you for all you have done for my family. It was different the night of the house clearing in our family. There were changes, some that were not able to be explained, but good. I had so much energy to be a mother and enjoy my home and the things I love to do again. My youngest daughter is a teenager again and I believe my oldest daughter has opened her heart again. My husband has had the most change around him. His anger seems to be gone. His face is not so mean and filled with hatred. We can actually talk again. You are an angel to me, Selina. Thank you for coming.”
– Love Anita

House Clearing

“I wanted to thank you sooooo much for your beautiful work you did protecting and clearing my home in Wolfville approx. 3 yrs ago. My daughter is still feeling comfortable and safe in her surroundings and visually sees the layer of protection that you, your angels and guides placed around our property… therefor no more lost spirits are bothering her at her home.
She is developing in spirtualy awareness and is learning to open up only if she chooses to with Archangle Michael as her protector. I would love to possible set up a private session sometime with you to help guide her on her journey. As you know there is alot of love and light but also alot of darkness.
God bless you Selina”
– Rachel, Nova Scotia, Canada

House Clearing

“Dear Selina,

The following is my testimonial regarding house clearing and blessings received:

I first met Selina in March 2010 when she and Karen Forrest travelled to New Glasgow to clear my house. Before the clearing there was a room in the home where my sister did not wish to enter when she visited. Following this clearing the energy in this room and throughout the house was welcoming. As it turns out I have moved to Halifax in April 2011 and also had Selina clear my new residence which not only cleared the apartment making it a welcoming area for me and visitors but also allowed me to clear out old items that were no longer suitable. Also, my house in New Glasgow sold in less than a month. Thank you Selina for your special gift.I am thoroughly enjoying my new residence as well as the freedom and brightness it offers.
Thank you!”
– Gladys (Halifax, N.S.)

The Dawning Of A New Day Is Upon Us

Kwe ~Greetings Relatives!

It is truly a new day and much is happening upon the Earth and with Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you along this journey. First, a huge change for me is that I had to change we hosts and so I am beginning anew. Over time, so many wonderful comments were received about the beauty of my first website. I am creating new from the beginning again with much ability to manage the site personally and i will be able to remain more current finally. So, over time you will see the changes unfold.



There is so much information to bring to you! With the help of my Guides and the Ancient Ones, we will offer opportunities that will support your journey in incredibly uplifting ways. So do join with me on the journey. There is much for us to share.

Love and Blessings Everyone from the Ancient Ones and Selina

From the Eastern Door



Private Session

My first private session with Selina was absolutely mind-blowing. I had a number of different energy works when I lived in UK but I had never had the multi-dimensional experience and the depth of healing Selina offers. It took me a few days to align myself to a new vibration but it was so wonderful and I noticed a big difference. She understands what I really strive for and also mental/spiritual blocks that prevent me from moving forward. It is a special gift she has and I strongly recommend that anybody who wants to move forward on a spiritual path should have sessions with her. I recommend private sessions (and “Entering the Temple Circle”) to anyone who needs healing also who wants to find out her/his own “authentic self”. It could be an overwhelming experience but Selina is always by your side to assist. Thank you Selina, I am so grateful.

Mayumi Endo
Wolfville, NS