House Clearing

“Dear Selina, The following is my testimonial regarding house clearing and blessings received: I first met Selina in March 2010 when she and Karen Forrest travelled to New Glasgow to clear my house. Before the clearing there was a room in the home where my sister did not wish to enter when she visited. Following […]

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Selina is a gifted and powerful healer with a rare ability to bridge ancient knowledge and traditional medicines within a modern world so in need of healing. She services with integrity, wisdom and grace with work that heals, inspires and transforms. Selina’s work, whether 1:1 healing, mentoring or sacred gatherings, enabling others to remember and […]

Sphere of Light

  Wow! I just did that meditation my 3rd eye is still buzzing will write About it soon!!!

The Dawning Of A New Day Is Upon Us

Kwe ~Greetings Relatives! It is truly a new day and much is happening upon the Earth and with Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you along this journey. First, a huge change for me is that I had to change we hosts and so I am beginning anew. Over […]

Private Session

My first private session with Selina was absolutely mind-blowing. I had a number of different energy works when I lived in UK but I had never had the multi-dimensional experience and the depth of healing Selina offers. It took me a few days to align myself to a new vibration but it was so wonderful […]

Private Session

“To the healers of the world, remember to heal yourselves first before healing others. As a reflection of this commitment to my own wellness and to my clients, I have regular healing sessions with Selina. She is amazingly powerful, gifted and able to handle the responsibility to heal the healers. Her sessions are deep, spiritually […]

Private Session

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful healing session I had with you on March 6th. I feel so “light” and my head so much clearer!!!!!! I feel so positive and alive! Arlene Johnson Collingwood, ON

Private Session

The personal healing sessions with Selina helped me remarkably. Since doing them, I have felt a greater connection to Spirit, the Earth, the Spirit Guides and myself. They have brought positive outlook and healing into my life. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They have helped me on my path. Amanda Dainow Annapolis Valley, […]

Private Session

When I began working with Selina, my resources were utterly depleted. Her healing went deep to the heart of this and I followed the suggestions that came from our two sessions, with gusto – spending some time among trees among other things. The healing that began there continues. Selina asks the hard questions. I trust […]

Vision Quest

My journey with Little Grandmother Selina began at a time when I was seeking balance in my life. Since that meeting, I have experienced first hand all that she has to offer: Personal Sessions, Distance Healing, House and Business Clearings, and Sacred Gatherings. It was apparent early on that Selina’s Gifts are unique and far […]