Vision Quest

Selina gifted me with many ways to help myself. She gave me tools to help me with daily life. The biggest impact the Vision Quest had on me was the experience of complete oneness, an undeniable experience of being at one with another. Her careful ways are very powerful and magical. Love, Star Angel Sharon […]


Little Grandmother Selina is truly a blessing to us all. Her unwavering commitment to truth and helping us to find the divine, within ourselves and around us is remarkable. Her teachings and knowledge have helped me to remember the greatness that lies within me (and that lies within us all). I firmly believe she is […]


Selina’s Mentorship Program has taught me how to open up my heart and remember who I am as a sacred being. It has helped me to connect with my Spirit Guides so that I can be led on my true sacred path and discover my inner purpose. Her teachings have helped me feel a strong […]

Kwe ~ Greetings Everyone

This marks a new venture for me. Welcome to my blogging site, where I will be sharing insights and messages received through the inspired connections I have made with the Divine. You are welcome to post questions that will be answered through the blog or email me. I am excited to begin this journey with […]


Nukumi Selina: Everyone felt the Healing of your message . Soft and warming to the Heart!!!! It was a beautiful way to begin the concert. Thank You!