An Earth Grandmother’s Calling… -Angela Chayse People come into our lives for different reasons. Some pass through without so much as a smile or a wink. But some envelop you in a moment so profound, you carry their warmth into a lifetime of change… It’s dark and cold out. Winter is creeping across the province […]

Great Tree of Life     Flowering New Moon  May 2015

Moon Lodge Ceremony is always such a powerful blessing for me.  This Lodge would be very significant however.  She came at the time of the New Moon for Spring……. Flowering Moon it is often called.  As I entered into the Moon Lodge to greet the  Ancestral Grandmothers and Clan Mothers for Moon Lodge Ceremony, There […]

Connecting with Mother Earth

My time with Grandmother Selina under her mentorship program was a life-changing experience. Her powerful abilities to heal and guide through meditation has brought me to a new level in my spirituality. During my first session, Grandmother Selina was able to help me connect to Mother Earth, who, we came to discover, was also one […]

The Inner Landscape April 14th 2014

Kwe ~ Greetings ~ Boozhoo ~Aloha Welcome to My Inner Landscape Everyone. I come with Sacred Offerings of Grandmother’s Medicine Lodge. It is time now to open my Basket and my Heart to share what is being offered for this time. Spring has come and now it is time to reveal the Visions we have […]

Personal Healing

“In this time, it is so important for healers to take care of ourselves, as there is much work to be done with the earth and with each other. Little Grandmother Selina’s work “Heal the Healers” is deeply profound, powerful, spiritual, healing, nurturing and cleansing on all levels. I find myself better able to stand […]

Personal Healing

“Hi Selina, Just a note to thank you so much for yesterday. I was so moved by the session and your work. I am very grateful for your energy, and although I’m not exactly sure of the why and what of it all right at this moment, I trust that spirit will direct my next […]

Personal Healing

“Hello Selina, I am so glad I came to see you. I have taken these messages and blessings to heart, and was glad of the reminders. I feel a weight lifted off me. I feel the piece around me being an equal and not bowing down to others has affected me deeply, released some part […]

Personal Healing

“Hello Selina, Before going to bed I just had to email you to thank you for the time you spent with me and for the information session you gave. You are truly a wonderful sensitive woman with a big heart. Your smile is etched in my brain as is your encompassing energizing energy still resonating […]


Much gratitude and Thanks Grandmother Selina for the blessings I have received during my personal session with you in Georgia. You assisted me in opening my heart to all the positive gifts that I possess and want to share with others. My personal time with you helped bring forth and communicate with my ancestors, connect […]


“Dear Selina, Thank you for your mentorship program. In this age when many people are out of touch with nature and the wisdom traditions that are our shared birthright, it is refreshing to benefit from your expertise and insight. Your deep appreciation of nature, spiritual traditions and the individual, as well as your training and […]